A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

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☆Win7 users please download the "for Win7" game! Or it may be unable to run properly. The Win7 version can also run on Win10.


Airi's Adventure
A 15-year-old girl named Airi somehow walked into another world.
In this fantasy world she, and her school mate Luca, were going to have a great adventure.

+ A casual JRPG

+ Turn-based battle system. No random encounter.

+ A colourful fantasy world with original art and music

+ Familiar faces?

+ Multiple ends

+ Outfits, classes, recepies and fishing!

+ Another story will unlock after finishing Airi's Quest, probably.

Progress: 20%

The demo contains the first two chapters. You will meet the 4 playable characters, visit the city and a forest, have many side quests and a boss fight.

OS: Windows/MAC
Genre: JRPG
Estimated Playtime: 2-3 hours

Language: English/简体中文

+ Instruction +

Use the arrow keys to control the character, Hold SHIFT to run. (Mouse will only work on some of the menus).

Z/SPACE: investigate or talk. Q: open menu     X/ESC: exit menu. F4: full screen  F5: back to title.

Some items will not function automatically. Players should select the item from the menu to use them.

There is a Hidden Room (and more?) available after the demo is finished. Please select “New Game” to enter.

☆      ☆      ☆

Hope you enjoy the demo!

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Airi's Adventure Demo.zip 176 MB
Airi's Adventure Demo MAC.zip 158 MB
AirisAdventure Demo Win7.zip 160 MB