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A very short game about working in a witch's kitchen...
The game is a part of Trick & Treat's 7 year anniversary celebration.

Genre: Adventure/Casual

OS: Windows10
Estimated playtime: 5 -30 minutes

By RabbitonBooks

The game can only be played using the keyboard.
Autosave of endings/trophies may overwrite your progress, so please remember to save frequently.

Arrow keys: Move
Enter/Z/Space: Confirm
Q: Open menu
W: Fast forward text

TAB: Hide dialogue box
F5: Instantly return to title screen

There won't be an official walkthrough of this game because it is very short, yet there are still a few things for you to explore.
Feel free to share your findings or your gameplay!
Hope this little game can bring you some relaxing time.

- There is a hidden room ("Extra") available after the True Ending is finished.
- You may find some useful infomation on the official website.

- After the game update, please simply copy the save files from the "save" folder to the new version's folder to continue playing from your previous progress.

◇This is a free game.
◇The game and any of its material/programme should not be edited, used or submmited elsewhere without premission.

◇It's OK to:
- Share screenshots
- Use the screenshots or related art for personal use (sns avatar, video thumbnail, etc)
- Creat fan contents (just follow general rules on internet)

↓Check the other Rabbiton games
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/33039384
Itch.io: https://rabbitongames.itch.io/

Twitter | Dev blog (Tumblr) |Patreon | Ko-fi

Dev logs updated on Patreon, check it if you're interested!

Thank you for playing!

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags2D, Anime, Casual, Cute, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Short


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(4 edits) (+1)

I really enjoyed this prequel. I loved "Trick & Treat" when I played it, so this was quite the treat (no pun intended).

Also, while there are still achievements and a bad end I need to get, I've managed to get some of the achievements and the bad ends 1-5, so I thought I'd share how I got them here, seeing as how it's relatively simple to get the normal and true endings, as well as the achievements tied to them:

Bad Ends:

Bad End 1: Run into the candelabrum at the bottom of the kitchen approximately 5 times. 

Bad End 2: Repeatedly taste the mixture in the cauldron. Taste it 2 times before stirring the cauldron or 3 times after stirring it.

Bad End 3: Eat  from the bread in the top left of the kitchen or from the bowl of sweets on the dining table.

Bad End 4:  Stir the cauldron approximately 4 times.

Bad End 5: Talk to all of the pumpkins in the pantry and garden, and then, sit down next to one of them.

Bad End 6:  Right at the beginning of the game, repeatedly run into the door to the south until Charlotte comes home.

Missable Achievements:

Potion Master: Stir the cauldron perfectly the first time.

Potato Master: Peel the potatoes perfectly the first time.

Break Mugs: Break both the glass mugs.

Pumpkin Friends: Talk to all of the pumpkins in the pantry and garden.

Potato Harvest: Harvest all the potatoes in the garden.

Pumpkin Outfit: Put on the pumpkin outfit in the pantry.

Pink Outfit: Put on the pink outfit in the bedroom.

Please add on what I've missed to this list, and thank you for reading!


Very cute!


Thank u!

(2 edits)

Will happily try this soon! Though, are there any plans to release this on Steam?

Note after trying it: I didn't seem to be able to save (it just said "Can not save!" so idk if it was a bug or I needed story progress or what), and got a couple of error messages that forced restarts: one of them was after adjusting language in the options menu, and the other was after I got my first Bad End. (I also noticed a typo already, but that's a lot more of a nitpick.)

Not being able to save or find whatever file directory like the error said, I decided against progressing for now.

Hi, thanks for the comment. It'll probably be released on steam as a DLC but it's not decided yet.
And sorry that I'm not sure about the saving problem. It looks like the game itself works fine, and the save files should be in the "save folder"...

An update in that I finally got around to playing it again after the patch, and I can glady say that the game worked fine his time around. The issue last time may have been isues with extraction/storage on my computer, or perhaps otherwise a bug I encountered that the patch helped with. Either way, I played it now, and it was cute!

(10 edits)

So many achievements! Cool!

Nice way of depicting bad handwriting / confusion about language!

But I'm on Windows 10, and I need Administrator privileges to run the game successfully?

Other notes below:

Running the "Trick or Treat Completer" check generates a File 0 (Autosave) save. Which can't be accessed by the game at that point?

Config on first open has Undefined Language?

I don't need to actually check the note to get the key...

Had to retry Potatoes but still got Mastery? Is that supposed to happen?

Cauldron Observation is all in Chinese? Intentional, given what happens with secret code? ... Or not? btw, ligh-blue > light-blue

Now done the tasks, my time is my own?

Cute! Tons of things can be interacted with! So nice! And relaxing music!

Secret Avatars! ooo

So, I can only do one extra task, since I could only Harvest completely, my second go around. No bedroom snooping for that Amelia!

Picked the Style Achievement, but got Strength?