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Developer: Yummy

English translation: RabbitonBooks (Proofreading: Zephysonas)

This is a free game by a friend, and I did the English translation. It's also available on Steam. I really enjoy their work and hope you can have fun playing it! 

A girl, draped in mystery and chased by an evil fate, escapes from a frozen land. As she flees she meets the Witch of the forest. Now, a year later, with her memory gradually returning, she is forced to make an important decision.
"...no matter what you choose, I won't stop you."
The witch said, solemnly holding a letter tightly in her hand.

The girl, struggling between Time and Memory, ventures forth to find where it is that she truly belongs.

◆A girl who has lost some of her memories. She often dreams of a Northern Kingdom.
She was saved by Sabrina a year ago, and now lives at her pharmacy in the forest.

◆The witch living deep in the forest. She keeps a pharmacy store here.
She may come across as rude, but actually she is a very kind person.

◆The person in Silvia's memory.
They seem to be important to her past.

1) The game's volume is low. Please adjust your PC's volume if necessary.
2) The ratings of the QTE parts won't affect the endings! Please relax and enjoy the game.

△Estimated playtime△ 30 minutes
△Genre△ Fairy tale/Adventure/Puzzle/QTE
△Endings△Three (Fake End, Normal End, True End)

Arrow Keys: Movement
Z/Space: Decide/Investigate
X: Menu/Cancel
Shift: Dash
Ctrl: Skip text

Have fun! (´▽`)ノ♪


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From what I've played this seems to be a neat little game but I have a problem, it's not letting me save and I even think there's a part of the game I can't access unless I save...



I would just like to say first and foremost, thank you so much for translating the game! I just finished getting all of the endings. 

However, I'm having an issue with the file.  I am unable to delete the file because it says file: zitiguanjiapxr is open in the system when I have everything closed.  Can you help me resolve this?  Thank you in advance.  


i just finish getting all the endings, i love the art and story! thank you for translating this!

Thank you! (wow all endings XD) 

Glad to know you enjoyed it!